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We are all contagious with the inescapable toxicity of our daily actions, citizens of Calvino’s “Invisible” Leonia whose reckless, short-sighted decisions lead to disaster, “submerging the city in its own past.” The dust settles, our last breath crystallizes somewhere within the record of Anthropocene strata, and we emerge from the hardened mineral edges as a stone cold reflection of our delusional hopes and dreams, a Pompeiian hand-mirror in our pocket.

Using an updated, contaminated version of the ancient lost-wax process, petroleum-based materials such as styrofoam, polystyrene insulation, single-use plastics and disposable packaging along with textiles, scrap wood, food waste and garbage were incinerated and cast in solid aluminum, forever petrified into stratified forms of anthropogenic accumulation.

Stalagmites, cast aluminum.

Garbage cast in solid aluminum
22"-74" h, 5" -19" w/d
Stalagmites (detail)
Garbage cast in solid aluminum