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The Things We'll Carry is an ongoing series that addresses fossilization, memorialization, and post-apocalyptic tropes in order to summon the radical transformation that can emerge after chaos and destruction. Reimagining an alternate future that is queer and ecotopic, I explore the need to identify objects and ideas that will survive the shift and transcend extinction. The title I use to frame this series is a change in grammatical tense of Tim O'Brien's book, The Things They Carried.

Hot Pants
Cast aluminum
19" x 15" x 4"
Hot Pants
Cast Aluminum
18" x 15" x 3"
The Things We'll Carry
Cast Aluminum, mirrored acrylic, driftwood, beach stones
42” x 24” x 65”
Shell Phone
Cast Aluminum
11" x 14" x 4"
well hung up
cast aluminum
8" x 2.5" x 5"
cast aluminum
8" x 5" x 2"